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Inspired by our roots in Bend, Oregon

Our Story

Our roots at Zamp Solar® came from humble beginnings where we sold off-grid solar kits from a small garage in 2010. In less than one year, we grew into a 2,500 square foot facility. Demand quickly increased and our team recognized a need in the RV market for high-quality off-grid solar solutions. In response we developed a strong network of dealers.

In the short ten years of rapid growth, Zamp Solar® quickly expanded from an exclusive RV aftermarket solar supplier to also be a strategic OEM RV partner with the likes of Airstream, Winnebago, and many more. In more recent years, Zamp Solar® entered into the Outdoor, Marine, Tiny Home, Commercial Transportation, First Responder Markets, and a number other industries needing Off-Grid Solar solutions.

In 2015, Zamp Solar® made a significant move all offshore solar panel manufacturing back to our hometown in Bend, Oregon. Every Zamp Solar® panel is now handcrafted in the US. Today, Zamp Solar® is the premier manufacturer and innovator of off-grid solar solutions in America.
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Here at Zamp Solar®, our weekends fuel our work week. Our team lives authentically, explores passionately, and innovates incessantly to create the products we need to power our adventures in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If a product doesn’t work for our family, we will not produce it

Freedom & Flexibility

To us, “off-grid” means breaking free from limitations, expectation, and the shackles of obligation. I t’s chasing what matters down the road less traveled. It’s building our own dream—whether it’s a new adventure or a new product—rather than clocking in to build someone else’s.
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We are proud to be one of the only US-based off-grid solar manufacturers. Our vast majority of products are designed and crafted in Bend, Oregon. Wherever possible, we use locally sourced materials—from aluminum to wire— to support our local economy. Zamp Solar® invests deeply in building the clean-energy sector of our economy, supporting high-quality American companies, and creating local jobs – to us, it’s worth the investment.

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