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Zamp 101

A short history of Zamp, and an overview of why we believe our USA Manufactured panels are the best solar solution available
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What You'll Learn

You should come out of this class with a much better understanding of what makes Zamp tick as a company.  

Zamp: History & Vision

Learn a bit about our history, culture and values by seeing how we got started.


Let us show you all the intention that goes into each of our solar panels.

Product SHowcase

Learn about the different approaches to off-gird solar, and the different panels and accessories that support them.

Add to your understanding

Coupled with our Solar 101 and Sizing 101 classes, complete this course as the first steps to becoming a Zamp Certified Solar Advisor.

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies

Always Free

We'll never charge a dime for our courses.  Our desire is to get more people off the grid and plugged into the sun.

Course Lessons