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Sizing 101

Everything you're going to need to figure out how to optimally size a solar system.  
Ask the right questions, understand the math behind the systems, and learn some shortcuts that will make sizing solar way easier than this guy over here is making it...

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WhAt You'll Learn

Won't lie. 
We're going to get into the weeds a little with this course. 
Bring a calculator a scratch pad.
BUT, once we show you all the complex math - we'll then show you how to throw all of that away and size a system in under 3 minutes!

UnderstAND What It Means to Build a Solar System

Not everyone's needs are the same.  We'll help you drill to the information you need to make sure the system you're building is the one that you need.


It's actually not as hard as you'd think.  We've left most of the thinking to the engineers, but you'll still learn WHY things work the way they do.


Once we've shown you the theory - we'll show you how we cheat.  You'll be surprised to find the answers are the same 95% of the same.

Course Lessons

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Get your Free Sizing Chart

The most commonly asked solar question has always been "how much do I need"?  This one page JPG chart breaks this down as a quick visual reference - a must have tool that you can download straight to your phone.